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Executive Planning

The Financial Planning needs of high-net-worth executives are unique.

As net worth increases, so does the level of complexity in planning. 

While having a generous benefit package is one of the many perks of being an executive, these benefit packages can also tend to be overwhelming and complicated. 

North Coast Executive Consulting is dedicated to providing financial planning to corporate executives.

Philip Moshier, the President of North Coast Executive Consulting, has been chosen from a large pool of financial planning professionals working with Lincoln Financial Advisors across the country as having the knowledge, skills and expertise to help guide your planning decisions toward achieving your ultimate financial goals. 

Phil and his team have found that by offering a comprehensive suite of services to executives, the executive can then focus on running their area of corporate responsibility while having the peace of mind knowing that someone is taking care of them and their family.  We equate this to the executive having their own personal CFO.

Our financial planning process puts the emphasis on you and your needs, not on a pre-packaged set of solutions or ideas. 

We help you in the following areas:

  • Leverage your company stock options and stock awards
  • Analysis of Deferred Compensation options
  • Analysis of company Insurance Plans 
  • Analysis of company Disability Plans
  • Review of  various Company Retirement Plans
  • Charitable Planning

Supported by the national planning team

North Coast Executive Consulting will also work in collaboration with other advisors such as attorneys and accountants to take your financial planning to the next level as needed.  We work together help to ensure that all pieces of your financial plan are working as effectively and efficiently as possible.